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Negri Bossi INTERPLASTICA 2017

Fakuma 2017 Plastics Technology with focus on Industry 4.0

Equiplast, Pilar Navarro: "Machinery and process demonstrations will take centre court at the Gran Via Exhibition Centre"








fakuma schall

                Press Release

25th Fakuma International Trade Fair for Plastics Processing
17 to 21 October 2017, Friedrichshafen Exhibition Centre


Plastics Technology with Focus on Industry 4.0

Fakuma 2017 Materials, Technologies, Tools

Frickenhausen/Friedrichshafen, 23 November 2016 – 25 years of the Fakuma international trade fair for plastics processing are above all 25 years of plastics technologies and the products which result from them, as well as their use in a great variety of consumer goods and industry sectors. But 25 years of the Fakuma are also significantly more than two decades of consistent commitment to plastics and plastics processing, and thus to the acceptance of plastics in a continuously and rapidly changing work world and environment. Plastics have been in vogue again as of no later than the (re)discovery of resource conservation, and above all due to the once again increasing substitution of plastics for conventional metallic materials – especially in light of the fact that a great deal has also been done in the area of energy efficiency where the industrial processing of plastics is concerned.

Micro injection moulding, 2-component and multi-component processes, process and functions integration by means of creative tooling design, CFRP lightweight engineering and significantly reduced material consumption thanks to design in accordance with actual application requirements and thin-walled layouts, new dimensions of extrusion precision, thermoforming with previously unknown levels of reproducible accuracy, and finally 3D printing as well as generative/additive manufacturing to an extent which has been inconceivable until just recently – the world of plastics applications and plastics processing is more dynamic than ever, which is demonstrated not least of all by the very large number of exhibitors who have registered for Fakuma 2017.

Just less than a year before the next Fakuma opens its doors, the international trade fair for plastics processing is in top form and will once again occupy all available exhibition floor space at the ultramodern trade fair centre in Friedrichshafen on Lake Constance – as has also been the case in recent years. Fakuma project manager Annemarie Schur with regard to the current bookings and occupancy situation at the exhibition centre: “We’ve already allocated 915,000 square feet of overall floor space and are assuming that we will again have roughly 1700 exhibitors in 2017. Not only will all of the European and global market leaders be on hand – the big players from Asia will demonstrate increased presence as well. Numerous mid-sized companies from all of the industrialised nations and emerging countries will also be on hand, so that we’ll be able to present products and services from distributors and manufacturers from all over the world to the expert visitors.”

In addition to the growing electrification of drive units for injection moulding machines, attention will also be focused on the consistent automation of production and material flow, as well as the ability to integrate components, modules, subsystems and equipment into I 4.0 structures at Fakuma 2017. Digitalisation is of course advancing as well in the field of automated plastics processing and is affecting all process steps beginning with CAD and design engineering, through production, quality assurance, further processing and packaging, right on up to logistics and distribution based on actual requirements.

The Schall Group of Companies
Trade fair promoters P. E. Schall GmbH & Co. KG and Messe Sinsheim GmbH of the Schall group organise pioneering technical trade fairs and crowd-pulling public exhibitions. Depending upon event scheduling, 16 international trade fairs are held both nationally and globally, and six renowned exhibitions are promoted in Germany covering leisure activities each year.
Trade Fairs organised by P. E. Schall GmbH & Co. KG: Control, Motek, Bondexpo and Optatec are global frontrunners, and are recognised as leading international trade fairs. Fakuma and Blechexpo/Schweisstec have also established themselves at the international level and place second in the global rankings for their respective sectors.
Exhibitions organised by Messe Sinsheim GmbH: Echtdampf-Hallentreffen (Karlsruhe), Faszination Modellbahn (Sinsheim), Faszination Modelltech (Sinsheim), Agri Historica (Sinsheim), Faszination Modellbau Friedrichshafen, Modellbahn (Cologne).
The Schall group of companies traces its origins back to 1962 and has evolved into an internationally esteemed nucleus for the promotion of technical issues.


Contact person:
P.E. Schall GmbH & Co. KG
Irene Maria Blankenhorn                             Phone: +49 (0)7025 / 9206-612                  
www.schall-messen.de                              blankenhorn@schall-messen.de




From 2 to 6 October 2017, the Gran Via Exhibition Centre will host the 18th edition of Equiplast, the International Plastics and Rubber Event. In this interview, Pilar Navarro, the event's director, explains the goals pursued by the edition, which will be held in October next year, and the new sections it will feature.


Question: In 2017, Equiplast will hold its 18th edition. Can you give us a preview of what is planned for this new edition of Spain's leading event for the plastics and rubber industry?

We're just over a year away from Equiplast, which will be held punctually as ever, three years after the last edition. As soon as the 2014 edition was closed, we started working on designing an exhibition that we want to be genuinely useful to Spain's plastics and rubber industry. So we will once again offer our exhibitors the WICAP formula (World, Investment, Cooperation and Innovation Lab, Application Forum and Project Forum), with the goal of increasing their international visibility and the possibilities of gaining access to new business opportunities abroad.

Question: What will be the main activities at the next Equiplast?
As well as being the place where the industry's companies present their latest products and services, Equiplast offers an extensive programme of technical seminars organised by the industry's leading associations and organisations. We also want to give greater prominence to an initiative that we started in the previous edition and which did very well, the Plastics Processors Show. In cooperation with the Spanish Plastics Centre (CEP), we will once again invite subcontracted plastic parts manufacturers to take part in Equiplast, which will give significant added value to the event's commercial offering. We are offering substantial advantages to these companies so that they can exhibit at Equiplast 2017. In fact, machinery and process demonstrations will take centre court at the Gran Via Exhibition Centre.

Question: What sectors will make up the commercial offering of Equiplast 2017?
Equiplast will once again be attended by the industry's top companies, from raw materials and additives, machinery, equipment and automated systems to moulds and dies, and including semi-finished and finished products. In short, Equiplast will offer a very representative sample of an industry that holds key importance for the Spanish economy. In this respect, Equiplast seeks to show just how important this industry and its products are for today's wellbeing to offset the campaigns that, for some time now, have been attacking the industry.

Question: Since 1987, Equiplast is held jointly with Expoquimia and Equiplast… What impact does the fact that it is held simultaneously with these two events have on the exhibition?
The very obvious synergies that exist between these three sectors show that holding simultaneously exhibitions that specifically target their respective businesses is the most effective formula for exhibiting companies. We are convinced that this simultaneity opens more and better business opportunities and new contacts, an essential quality in the current context of an increasingly globalised, cross-cutting market.


Tecnologia Negri Bossi protagonista a INTERPLASTICA 2017


Per il primo evento Europeo dell’anno 2017, Negri Bossi sarà presente alla fiera Interplastica che si svolgerà a Mosca dal 24 al 27 Gennaio prossimo, confermando con la sua partecipazione, l’interesse nel mercato Russo e a questa importante manifestazione che la vede ogni anno protagonista.
Presso la HALL 21 STAND C 29  sarà presentata una pressa della linea Canbio ST da 180 tonnellate con gruppo iniezione Euromap 850 corredata del nuovo controllo Tactus - touchscreen user friendly. Durante l’evento, la pressa stamperà una borsetta dallo stile vintage, in materiale Polipropilenico dal peso di 75 gr con un tempo ciclo di 25 sec.
La linea Canbio ST rappresenta nel range di Negri Bossi, il perfetto equilibrio tra performance, flessibilità, precisione e risparmio energetico

L’articolo stampato e la livrea della pressa, rappresenteranno l’anniversario della fondazione dell’Azienda Milanese che proprio nell’anno corrente, festeggia i suoi primi 70 anni.

Una coincidenza eccezionale, la macchina è la prima serie Canbio consegnata per il 70° e ad aggiudicarsela, sarà lo stesso cliente che l’anno passato aveva ritirato la 5000 esima Canbio prodotta, anch’essa con una livrea in special edition.

Cologno Monzese, 15/01/2017
























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